Terms of sale and delivery

The general terms of sales and delivery for the plastics processing industry apply to all transactions. You will receive these terms when we confirm your order and they are also available at www.cemo.de "General sales terms".


We provide a guarantee for material and processing defects within the limits of our warranty conditions in accordance with the legal provisions.
We provide an extended guarantee when used appropriately.
The precise conditions are given in the guarantee documents.
Our GRP diesel and lubricant tanks come with a 25-year warranty covering resistance of the material.
Excluded from the warranty provisions are fittings and accessories made from materials other than GRP.

Disposal of old electrical appliances

Our manufacturer registration number is WEEE-Reg.-Nr.DE91438011. We are bound to comply with the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) § 6 (2). You can take your old electrical equipment back to your local waste disposal site. Alternatively, if you first ensure that it has been emptied of any liquids, you can send it free-of-charge to the address shown on the bottom. We will then dispose of it in the proper way on your behalf.

Small order surcharge

A surcharge of 10 € is added to any orders below 50 € net.

Order numbers

When ordering, please always use our full order numbers.


Goods may only be returned in their original packaging and RMA to the following address:

Kappelweg 2
Industriegebiet Süd
91625 Schnelldorf

If delivery involves a special journey beyond our established routes, then shipping costs will be agreed on an individual basis. For steel tanks see page 35.

**Technical specifications subject to change.